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Use our ready-to-go, customized Focus Surveys®
to measure attitudes and opinions on vital topics
Focus Surveys

We've taken the time-consuming aspects out of designing and conducting confidential opinion surveys. In fact, we have numerous packages ready for you to use right now!

We have the survey forms ready and the charts are ready to be filled in. We have everything else you need to get your survey report ready for presenting to your key decision-makers. We'll do the analysis and send you the report.

A survey by Focus Surveys® is fast, easy to arrange, and unusually affordable. Why? Because years have already gone into designing more than 1,000 survey questions for you to use.

You can pick the exact survey questions you want from our pool of available questions, or you can tell us to pick the ones that fit your situation. Or we'll design totally new questions for you. No matter what approach is used, Focus Surveys® will get you the facts you need to:

Here's what you get with a survey by Focus Surveys® : After we collect and analyze the survey, you get:

Here's the survey packages we have ready for your purchase
right now
, in the following areas—
(Click on any title to get details about that survey package)


Worry-Free Workplace Survey
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Survey
Discrimination in the Workplace Survey
Health Hazards in the Workplace Survey
Violence in the Workplace Survey
Performance Potential Survey
Morale & Motivation Survey
  (and under development in this area ...
     Waste in the Workplace Survey
     Theft in the Workplace Survey
     Customer Relations Survey
     Internal Communications Survey
     External Communications Survey
     Sales Associate Effectiveness Survey
     Marketing Effectiveness Survey)


Board of Directors Survey
Employee-Supervisor Relations Survey


Physician Satisfaction Survey on Hospital Management
Physician Satisfaction Survey on Hospital Marketing


Sexual Harassment in the Educational Setting Survey
Research Activity Survey
Research Compliance Survey
Institutional Review Board (IRB) Survey
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Survey
Grants Development Survey
  (and under development in this area ...
     Student Recruitment Effectiveness Survey
     Student Retention Success Survey)