Qualified Inquires
Due to the high cost of designing, producing, assembling, handling, and mailing our various information packages, we can only fulfill requests based on "qualified inquiries."

Also, we unfortunately do NOT have time to respond to requests for "how to" steps for any of our services, or for general information.

Therefore, we cannot send our materials to other consultants or consulting firms, or to students, or to the merely curious. We also do not send materials to residential addresses. We reserve the right to not respond to such inquiries. To request any of our materials, the inquiry must contain a job title and a business or organizational address, which is subject to our verification. Finally, we cannot respond to telephone messages that do not include an organizational affiliation.

A qualified inquiry is a request from a responsible professional who is authorized to later purchase our services or products as a client, if he or she so chooses.


The fact is, you will probably already know if your request will be a qualified inquiry, based on your profession, career, and role within your organization.

Currently, the "Human Research Report" newsletter is available to subscribers across the globe. However, all other services of The Deem Corporation are presently available only in the United States.

While we must reserve the right to not respond to unqualified inquiries, we certainly don't want to miss you if you can use our information services!

Please fill out this form if you have any questions, and be sure to enter your question in the "comments" box below.

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