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The Deem Corporation

We can help you get the grant money you need by:

We can help you develop successful grant proposals for your most important needs such as:

And, we can do something even better!

We can assist you in refining your own grant development system so you routinely keep getting the grant awards you want—on your own!

As the developer of over $19,000,000 in successful grant proposals, Dr. Dennis Maloney (President of The Deem Corporation) knows that a complete grant development system is the key to long-term success in grants development.

He can assist you in building up such a complete grant development system.

Since writing his first successful grant proposal in 1971, he has assisted many organizations in education, health care, human services, and other areas to win major grant awards. He can assist you too.

Contact us now to see how we can assist you to become even more successful at winning grant awards. Be sure to tell us in the "comments" box below how we can assist you.

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