About Deem
The Deem Corporation was incorporated in 1984, with headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. The president of Deem is Dennis M. Maloney, Ph.D., a research psychologist who earned his doctorate in Experimental Psychology (with Honors) in 1973.

Deem was founded as a professional services company, based on Dr. Maloney's nationally recognized experience and expertise in research, training, management, writing, editing, development, and a variety of other areas.

Dr. Maloney has designed and conducted original
research in such areas as:

Much of Dr. Maloney's work has appeared in scholarly journals, as well as in textbooks, magazines, newspapers and newsletters, conference proceedings, and elsewhere.

In addition to Deem's own research, compliance, survey, grants development, writing & editing, and other services, Deem is affiliated with four other independent consulting firms in Omaha.

Therefore, beside Deem's own services, we can bring you:

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